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Did You Get A Break This Christmas?

06 Jan 2017

Okay. Christmas has come and gone and another New Year’s celebration is in the books. Hopefully you got the chance to have a break from running your business. If not, unless Christmas is your busiest time of year (as it... Read more

Changes to Superannuation: Part 4

23 Dec 2016

Transfer Balance Cap For Pension Phase Accounts and Reduction in Division 293 Threshold THE CHANGES When an individual is given access to their super, usually when they retire, they can either receive a lump sum, an income stream, or some... Read more

Changes to Superannuation: Part 3

16 Dec 2016

Spouse Tax Offset, Personal Super Contributions and Low Income Contributions THE CHANGES The Spouse Offset Tax allows an individual can claim up to $540 in contributions to their spouse’ superannuation fund as a tax offset as long as their spouse... Read more

Changes to Superannuation: Part 2

09 Dec 2016

Concessional and Non-Concessional Contributions THE CHANGES On July 1, 2017 concessional (pre-tax) contributions will be lowered from their current limits ($30,000 or $35,000 for people 50 years old and over) to $25,000 for all individuals and be indexed in line... Read more

Changes to Superannuation: Part 1

02 Dec 2016

An Overview Of The Changes In May 2016, the Australian Government announced a series of changes to the superannuation system, the majority of which will take effect from July 1 2017. While some of the changes will only affect a... Read more

Show Me My Money!

25 Nov 2016

Australians tend to be pretty laid-back and polite, but that can be a problem when it comes to asking for money that is owed. Whether it’s a friend that you’ve loaned a fiver or a customer that simply won’t pay,... Read more

Does Fraud Prevention Show A Lack Of Trust?

18 Nov 2016

Fraud costs Australian businesses billions of dollars every year – the exact amount is difficult to determine but was estimated to be around $6 billion in 2011. While fraud is a fairly generic legal term, we will focus on fraud... Read more

What’s Your Growth Plan?

11 Nov 2016

Hopefully you already have a business plan for your business. This business plan should cover all of the essential information about the business, such as finances and staffing as well as the future goals of the company and a variety... Read more

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